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Why isnt CU a disability?

suzyqcu 03.07.2014 22:02

Ive been living with severe CU for 4 years now. I break out in summer after sweating and in the winter I cannot go out at all or My blood pressure drops and my entire body is one gigantic hive. I applied for disability for this along with many other health issues and lost my case. Now appealing it all the way to the appeals council. Why do they give such a hard time to people who cannot even leave their homes without risking their lives?

martine 15.08.2014 03:31

Hi Suzyqcu, Sorry to hear about your ordeal. I reckon that they don't recognize Urticaria as a disability because very little is known about it. For the past 3 years, CU has hi-jacked my life, my body, & my mood. Almost everything I do revolves around CU! I haven't been able to make a concrete plan for anything, so in my opinion, I do believe that CU should make a person eligible for disability. I encourage you to take it all the way!

eza2194 09.09.2014 11:11

It should be considering a lot of sufferers get anaphylaxis ect leading to hospital stays. I've had days I couldn't get out of bed as standing on hived up feet was far too painful, I've had nights of no sleep due to it and I've struggled at work when my hands are swollen and covered in hives...

djs 01.10.2014 18:13

Are you in the U.S.? Is CU considered a disability under the law that qualifies one for SSD? If so, the reason you were rejected is most likely because many or most applications for disability are rejected initially ,not because you have CU. You could be run over by a truck and get rejected. I think the only person I know who applied for disability and didn’t have to file an appeal was a friend who had a brain tumor. .I don’t know the success rate of appeal but .I wish you the best of luck in terms of your appeal.CU,as we all know,is a seriously debilitating illness.

alishac 21.12.2014 03:26

Wow its so amazing to hear all of your stories...I'm feeling so alone and this helps. Anyway to talk back and for with each other?

lakersforlife 06.02.2015 08:36

Hi ...I'm here too because I needed support. ..I can't sleep thinking about when this nightmare will end...but in the meantime I'm still gonna be strong

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