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One day for Urticaria

– such a thing has never occurred. The first International Urticaria Day will take place October 1st, urticariaday2014. On urticariaday2014 we want to increase awareness for Urticaria among Urticaria patients, the press, doctors and politicians. Our aim is to achieve more consciousness towards Urticaria as well as increase doctors’ education about Urticaria so that patients can be correctly diagnosed and treated with more accuracy. We also want all Urticaria patients to know that they are not alone!

Who are “we”? We are all of us! Patients, doctors, organizations, you and me. Each and every individual is invited to participate in uticariaday2014. One way of participating is on this website: Tell others  about this event, twitter and link this site , help promote urticariaday2014  among friends, family and others affected by Urticaria. Post a photo of yourself and give urticariaday2014 a face.

Kick things up a notch! Create your own event! Invite other Urticaria patients over for a party! Is there a better opportunity to start your own local self-help group? Enthuse the doctors in your clinic to participate in urticariaday2014, perhaps they can offer an Urticaria training for other local doctors. All of your events can be posted here to ensure that your own personal urticariaday2014 is a success.

urticariaday2014 has been inspired by Unev, the Urticaria Network e.V., the daab e.V. and many other organizations throughout the world that are involved in improving conditions for patients with allergies and Urticaria.